About Oldstreet

Your home is an important investment and we believe it should never go out of style. We will build a timeless foundation, you style with abandon!

Our Mission

At Oldstreet we are entrepreneurial, we love Calgary and we are thankful for the opportunity to contribute to the ongoing growth and development of its inner-city communities.

With each development we ask ourselves โ€œdoes this look great now and will this look great 100 years from now? Does this create a more beautiful, vibrant and livable community? Is this a home we would want to live in ourselves?โ€

These questions guide our every decision throughout the creative process.

Our Promise

We promise to use the highest quality standards of urban design and construction. We will respect and enhance neighbourhood character and vitality and build upon existing heritage and cultural identity. We will foster efficient use of land, helping to create complete inner-city communities that offer a greater variety of housing choices. We will help stabilize and reverse population declines by supporting the demographic needs of communities and create a better quality of life – the elderly living next to young families, school yards full of activity, bustling coffee shops and local business thriving.

This is our vision for Calgary and our commitment to our neighbours, our home-owners and our city.

Oldstreet Team

Nathan Robb, Founder & President

Nate has a keen interest in real estate, architecture and design and those interests, combined with an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to positively impact his community, led to the founding of Oldstreet.

Nate is also a corporate lawyer practicing in Calgary. He previously practiced in London, UK (where the Oldstreet vision and name was born!) and interned in finance roles in Mumbai and Hong Kong. Opportunities to live, work and travel abroad in global cities and among diverse cultures is an ongoing source of inspiration for Nate and motivates his desire to create vibrancy and progressive change in his home city of Calgary.

Nate obtained his law degree from the University of Alberta and his Bachelor of Management (Finance) degree from the University of Lethbridge.

Connor Irving, Founder, Chief Financial Officer & Chief Operating Officer

Connor has always aspired to be an entrepreneur. The opportunity to create, innovate and build a distinctive brand and business is something that is truly unique and led him to helping found Oldstreet.

Connor also works in the finance industry. He grew up in Calgary and is extremely proud to call the city home. He has enjoyed watching it grow into a vibrant, active and diverse city and is excited to help shape itโ€™s communities and neighborhoods through Oldstreet. Outside of work, Connor loves spending time with his family which includes his partner, Meghan, their young son, Griffin, and their newest baby girl, Tia (the former is a wild ball of energy, and the latter has a smile that lights up the room!). In the moments between work and family, Connor finds time to run, having completed several marathons and ultra-marathons, and whenever thereโ€™s a chance, being a die-hard sports fan, he cheers on his favorite teams, the Toronto Blue Jays and Dallas Cowboys.

Connor has an MBA with honors from the Richard Ivey Business School.